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So here we are winding down yet another year.  For so many people, you have to ask yourself if 2011 was a good year, or is there room to improve in 2012?  

For so many of us, the end of a year marks a time for reflection and goal-setting. One of the biggest issues facing a lot of people today is that of out-of-control finances.  Perhaps due to a lay off or a drastic pay cut, whatever the reason, let this be the year you turn your financial situation around.  

Of course, financial problems are the source of many sleepless nights, stress, depression,
and marital problems.  But in this new year, take the time to at least try focusing on things you CAN do rather than all the things that appear to be in the way of your success.

The key is to plan and take action.  If you do nothing, you are guaranteed to get no results and no improvement in your situation. However, if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how hard that may be, you are setting the wheels in motion and eventually, something is bound to change, and to improve. 

Improve Financial Outlook
Sitting down and coming up with a debt solution plan is step one to improve your financial
outlook.  Be brutally honest in terms of who you owe and how much.  Go on-line for help in terms of budgeting and paying down bills, no matter how large they are.  Do not focus on how long it will take to get there, just take the necessary action everyday to get there.
Best Way to Get Out of Debt
The best way to get out of debt, obviously, is to spend less than you make. It is a simple concept, but not always easy, right?  
To make things move faster, you may want to bring in some extra money with which you can pay more on those credit card balances or loans to make those debts disappear.  You can always trim back somewhere to find even an extra 20 bucks to start to make extra payments on outstanding financial obligations.  Even a small amount of extra money applied to pay a debt off is better than doing nothing.  

If you need to, think about getting a second source of income that can give you extra money to pay down the debt, in addition to being able to keep your head above water
and have enough to pay all your bills every month to avoid breaking out the credit cards.

Internet Marketing
One of the options you may consider for extra income is working at home on the internet, or internet marketing.  Internet marketing can be a very rewarding second source of income, but it is not something you can start seeing a lot of money from immediately.  
Depending on which form of internet marketing (IM) you choose, whether it be article
marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging or freelancing, some forms of IM take longer to reap the rewards than others.  The key is to hang in there and be prepared to put the work in. If you take consistent action every day, you will see results eventually, just like you will in your financial situation.

Who Helped Me?
If you have been thinking about giving IM a try, or you've been dabbling for a time and are overwhelmed by all the massive amounts of information out there, let me give you
some help.

I'm going to give you just some of the names of people who have helped me tremendously. The advice and resources I've discovered have given me some solid direction, and it is my hope that it does the same for you.  I want to point out that I am
not an affiliate for any of these folks (with the exception of Kyle & Carson’s Jaaxy), and am providing their names only because they gave me a good start and foundation from which to begin my IM journey.

For a great article marketing plan for newbies, help with writing articles and article marketing tools, check out –

Travis Sago (
Pot Pie Girl (
Jeff Herring (
Jonathan Leger (

For great affiliate marketing tips, see –

Allan Gardyne (

For general help, great content tips and training, refer to –

Michael S. Brown (
Ian Hollander (
Kyle & Carson (

It is my hope that if you need help with financial matters, you seriously sit down and
make a plan.  The old saying really is true that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  You need some kind of a blueprint to follow and keep you accountable, motivated and focused on your goals.

In the meantime, consider setting up an internet marketing action plan to bring in some
extra cash.  There are ways to turn your financial situation around, and there is no better time than 2012 to make it happen.