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If you are promoting a website, service, product or blog on the internet, one of your goals should be to find the absolute best keywords for search engines.  Google, Yahoo or any other engine you want to find your information needs good keywords to make a connection, and hopefully, some sales. 

Finding tools to make this part of your job easier is key, and it is for that reason you should check out a new keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is an easy-to-use keyword research tool that makes it quick and simple to find low competition keywords that will give you high rankings in the search engines.  When your rank increases in the search engines, so does your traffic. Keyword research is just one part of a successful SEO plan, but it is a really important one.  For accurate results that save a lot of time, a good keyword tool is essential.

Jaaxy is cool because there are so many features you can use that are exclusive only
to this tool.  Features that tell you the quality of the keywords, SEO power and number of competing websites are just some of the great options.  

Jaaxy also gives you names of affiliate programs and available domain names with the push of a button.  It saves your keyword searches and lets you save high quality words in a folder for use in an upcoming campaign.  You get a "brainstorming" area and a "to do" list, so you won't run out of ideas anytime soon.

Jaaxy also has a really helpful blog with keyword research tips and strategies.  Refer to this blog post as an example.

There are training videos available so you can use every feature of this powerful tool.

Jaaxy also gives you the standard stuff like monthly search volume and lets you perform a variety of searches.  A list of related terms comes up for every search you do, so again, you have a lot to pick from.

My favorite feature of this keyword research tool, aside from the very affordable price, is the "green light" indicator for my searches.  Even if you are a newbie or don't quite get keyword research as much as you would like to, if you see a green light next to your keyword, it's a good one and should help you rank well.

To help you save time, money and tons of time, give Jaaxy a go.  I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to find the best keywords for search engines.


1/2/2017 07:34:52 pm

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