Keyword Research and Tools
When you are writing content for your website, blog or articles, sprinkling keywords effectively throughout your piece not only makes for a better read, but helps you in search engine rankings.  The proper balance of keyword usage and good, original content is the goal for anything you post on-line.

The thing you want to provide to the readers of your content is useful information.  You can help solve a problem, provide advice or tips, or share a story about overcoming an issue.

Any way you go about it, the idea is to sprinkle your content with strong keywords so that your readers can find you.  Keywords can help put you on page one of search results returned, but too much of a good thing will have quite the opposite effect.

Your content should flow smoothly.  Your keywords and keyword phrases should blend right into the content and make sense, not stick out like a sore thumb screaming, "I am the keyword!!"  I know it's tempting to want to get that keyword phrase into the content in any way you can, especially if it's a ridiculously good keyword with low competition.

The term “sprinkling” indicates that you should be using the keywords sparingly.  Some good rules to keep in mind include -
  • Using the keyword(s) no more than one time for every 100 words
  • Using the keyword in the title, first paragraph, last paragraph and then "sprinkling” throughout the content
  • Try not to use the keyword in an awkward manner, especially if used in a question.  Here's an example -

How do you find a good keyword?  Finding a good keyword is easy with a good keyword research tool.  A good keyword will help you in search engine rankings, and a good keyword will help readers find your article.

Can you see how badly and blatantly the keyword is being used here?  This is complete
  • Do not use your keyword for each and every heading or sub-heading, and do not put the keyword(s) in bold-face type

By using more than one keyword or keyword phrase in a post, you can be sprinkling keywords effectively throughout your content, and ranking well for several keywords.

By going easy, or sprinkling, your keyword(s) gently but effectively throughout your content, you will be able to comply with search engine regulations, provide your readers with higher quality content, and get stronger organic traffic results. 
Organic traffic definition to clarify, is the traffic you get
from articles, blog posts and the writing of relevant content on any other platform that is not a paid method of gaining traffic.  

When someone is searching for information and types a search term into their browser, two types of results will be returned.  Those include both paid advertisements (such as PPC ads), and organic  results.

Did you realize that organic traffic accounts for just about 50% of all traffic to your blog or website?  This is after the Google Panda and Penguin updates.  This is a significant amount of traffic you can get from a free method of generating traffic to your blog or website.

There are a couple of essential components you need to get this kind of organic traffic to your site.  The first is to provide fresh, relevant and preferably original content to your searchers.  You want to give those searching for information real answers and solutions to the questions and problems they are experiencing.  

The second component is to add a bit of SEO so the content ranks well and is returned in the first page of search results.  Use a relevant keyword that indicates a good number of monthly searches with low competition.  Include this keyword in your title, first sentence or paragraph, last sentence or paragraph and sprinkle it sparingly throughout your content.

If you can do that, you are bound to not only maintain a good amount of organic traffic to your site, but to eventually increase traffic because of its relevance to the search term.  

Did you also know that paid ads are most effective only when there are very few to no organic results?  This is according to a study Google did earlier in 2012.  

Why?  Because searchers tend to avoid what they know to be blatant advertisements. 
Unless they are looking to make a purchase for a specific item, odds are and the preference is to first click on the organic results returned.

That being said, can you see how important it is to have a good keyword research tool to find those organic-results-loving searchers?  

A strong keyword research tool such as Jaaxy would suddenly become a very important tool when you are putting together a marketing campaign, and to give you a lot of ideas as to what kind of problems and questions people are searching for to begin with.  

You can write a dazzling piece of content by simply knowing what it is that people want to know.  If you can help them and you rank well organically for the search term, can you see how getting more traffic will not be a problem for you?

Think about what you do when you sit down to watch a TV show that you have recorded to watch when you have the time.  As you watch the recorded program, do you fast forward through the ads?  I do. I think most people do.  You want to watch the show and it saves you time to skip through a bunch of ads you are not too interested in watching.  

It's the same thing here on the internet.  You tend to want to "watch the show" (checking organic results that can help you find answers) rather than "sit through the ads" (not clicking on what you know for sure are ads just trying to sell you something).  It's human nature.  

Not to say that paid or PPC advertising isn't a great idea or isn't effective, just not for every situation.

I don't know about you, but I enjoy getting free traffic from free methods of advertising.  When I write a blog post and do so in a way that I (hopefully) provide fresh, original and relevant information to my readers, coupled with soft SEO practices in line with the search engines and get traffic to my blog, it's a win-win situation.

Organic traffic definition means that you provide new content for the search engines to return for results.  The user gets more information and for you, with the right keyword search term and relevant content, can rank well, increase traffic and increase revenue for

With the mind-boggling vastness of the internet, and little you who just wants to make some extra money on-line, what is the secret to finding your target audience on-line?  

After all, if you have any kind of a product to sell, whether on eBay, promoting Amazon stuff, promoting products as an affiliate or maybe just wanting to sell your own products on-line, you need to narrow your focus.  

It has been said that if you can create a sales funnel or build a list, you can make steady sales pretty easily.  But how do you go about getting anyone to find your blog, website or products?  

With the amount of information usually available for any given niche, some obviously more popular than others, how is the little guy able to compete?

Let's say you want to try your hand at article or affiliate marketing.  Both of these types of marketing require you to target a specific audience, or niche, interested in what you are promoting.  

So instead of sending out general information to anyone and everyone, you want to spend a bit more time and work up-front by narrowing down your focus on a specific group of people, or target audience. 

What you are looking for are those people who need your products or services for a specific issue they may be experiencing and need a solution.  

If you try to sell steaks to a vegetarian group, you probably wouldn't do very well in terms of sales.  That’s why you want to target your marketing efforts only to those who
have an interest in what you are promoting.

If you approach a campaign in this way, then the odds of you converting your marketing efforts into cash are much, much better.  

The key is to think like your buyer.  

Who would benefit from what you have to offer?
Why would they benefit?
How would this product or service help solve their problem (i.e.; potty training a new puppy) or make them feel (like buying a new weight loss product to lose 20 pounds).  

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.  

Who are they?
Male or female?
How old?
What kind of things are they into?
Where would your target audience hang out on-line?
What kind of social sites do they like?
What kind of forums are they interested in?
What are the hot buttons that would make your product/service not only appealing, but a must-have?  

Think about what questions your customers are asking themselves and what goals they are trying to achieve.  What are they typing into that search bar?

From there, once you have a good feel for the type of people who would be interested in your stuff, you can put together a strong keyword list.

Keywords are such a vital part of your marketing campaign because they tell you what your customers are searching for.

When you know what search terms your potential buyers are searching for, it can not only help you put together a more tightly-designed marketing campaign and sales funnel, but it will help point you in the direction of where you can find these buyers.

If you've heard the term “buy keywords,” it is referring to those keywords that the buyers are searching for.  

Strong, relevant keywords can help you in everything from running a successful AdWords campaign to article and/or affiliate marketing sales.  Once you know what the buyers are searching for, you can get them the information they need.  

If you are using a state-of-the-art keyword research tool such as Jaaxy, you can pull together an extremely comprehensive keyword list, spy on the competition, and rank well.

Once you put together a list of low competition, high-ranking keywords, you can get those articles written, post to your blog and pump out a campaign that will get you noticed and ranking well in the search engines very quickly.  All this can happen just from using tightly-targeted keywords.

Jaaxy can give you the tight, target audience-specific keywords all of your campaigns need to get off the ground.  

The bottom line is that the more targeted the keywords, the faster you reach your target audience.  The faster that happens, the sooner you will get sales.

Get a jump on your competition and finding your target audience on-line with Jaaxy.

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If you have been entertaining thoughts of making extra money, or maybe even a full-time income, from the Internet, you should know what good website search engine positioning can do for you.  

Using a good keyword research tool that can give you results as far as what you potential customers are looking for and help them find your information can make or break your on-line efforts.  By ranking better and securing excellent search engine positioning, you will have a lot more eyeballs looking at your goods and services and because of this, your odds of making more sales and building a list drastically increases.

How to Get Good Search Engine Positioning

Anytime you kick off a web site, blog, write an article or make any effort at all to get traffic – otherwise known as customers - to your site, the goal is always to rank as high as you can in the search engines.  

A good keyword research tool will quickly and accurately return results in terms of what your customers are searching for.  When a customer types in a search term, and your website comes up on the first page of a search engine, odds of that person clicking on that link leading to your site increases the chances of them stopping by to take a look at your information.  

If you have AdSense on your site, affiliate links or are promoting a local business offering goods and/or services, can you see how important having good search engine ranking is for increasing the number of customers and sales?

Here’s another important reason as to why it’s important to rank well in search engines.  Consider what you do when you are looking for something on-line.  Do you read through the first 100 pages of results and click on the guy in position #84?  More than likely, you look at the first page and see what comes up, believing that the sites listed there are the best matches for what you are looking for.

Why it is Important to Use a Good Keyword Research Tool

In order to get good website search engine positioning, you need to have a strong keyword research tool.  A tool that gives you the top results, in addition to making solid
recommendations to expand the options you can use for keywords.  By using the related keywords option, you can come up with even more article ideas, e-mail topics, blog posts or topics to be included in a short report or e-book for your customers.  The opportunities are endless and they all begin with good keywords.

A good keyword research tool will also help you locate affiliate products you may wish to add to your site or have a starting point to research related topics, so you can expand on a product line to give your customers that one-stop-shop experience.  

You can tell right away how popular broad topics are, then get some solid drill-down ideas to get your slice of a niche pie.  

You could spend hours playing with keywords for a very specific campaign, but you should also be able to use your keyword research tool quickly and easily to grab the best keywords for a quick e-mail, blog post or article.

Helping you Achieve Your Goals

Good website search engine positioning can increase your sales, but more importantly, can help you become an expert in your field.  When people see your name, your website and your articles consistently ranking on page one of the search engine results, they will start to take notice.  Your traffic will increase and once that happens, sales are sure to follow.  A keyword research tool is just that - a tool to help you succeed.  To succeed much faster and easier than you would without it.

Hook yourself up with a good keyword research tool that makes your job easier and helps you achieve excellent website search engine positioning.  After all, why waste your time and money on anything that won't deliver consistent, high quality results?

If you have been attempting to make a go of internet marketing, you probably realized early on how important it is to find profitable keywords.  By profitable keywords, I mean the ones that laser focus in on your customers so you can help them find a product or service that can solve a problem.  The problem can be anything from increasing their business to getting rid of acne to training a disobedient pet, and everything in between.  

The purpose of keywords is to give you the ability to zone in on what it is your customer is looking for.  A good keyword tool is really important to help you narrow down and
tighten up your searches to help your customers find you and vice versa.

Long tail keywords are good to use because you can really zone in on your target audience and get very specific in terms of what they are looking for.  Whether you use this for promoting businesses locally or honing in a very specific product, finding a strong keyword is half the battle.  

Being able to see what people are searching for can help you set up a targeted web site and provides invaluable insight into the kinds of information people are looking for from articles, reviews and product recommendations.

Yes, there are some good free keyword tools available for you to use and if you are looking to save some money as you are just starting out, these may be fine.  But if you want more detailed information with reliable results and the ability to see how much
competition you have, brainstorm relevant topics, etc., consider paying for the benefits you will get from a good keyword tool.  

Since my time is limited, I've got to make to most of it, as I'm sure you do, too.  I appreciate the ease and convenience of generating my own ‘to do’ list which helps keep me on track.  In addition, it is important to save hot keywords to write about in a future campaign, and to have the ability to look back at some saved searches for reference.  

There are some real advantages when you find a superb keyword research tool which can save a lot of time, and offers other strong keyword suggestions to make a single search more productive.  I like the fact that if I stumble across what may be a hot niche or topic, I can check out available affiliate products on the spot.  That right there saves me a ton of surfing and research time, plus gives me more article or blog post ideas.

If you pay for a keyword tool, make sure it shows you results not just from Google, but the competition on Bing and Yahoo!, as well.  By having this information, you may be
able to rank well on all three of these search engines instead of just one, giving you a real edge over your competition. You can see that if there are blogs and web sites out there but no top-ranking articles, you could rank well for the article.

Think about how much time you spend doing keyword research.  Ask yourself if you are consistently happy with the results you are getting, or if you could use something a little stronger to save time, rank well and find profitable keywords for all of your internet marketing projects and campaigns.
By Nicole Dean
One of the best ways to get free advertising is to simply write articles and give them away. It’s a foreign concept to many in online business, but it’s one of the best ways to get traffic, improve your search engine ranking, and sell more products.

Why Should You Write Articles?

Newsletter and website owners are desperate for content. As someone who owns websites and publishes several newsletters, I can vouch for this. I regularly search article directories, looking for quality information that will help my readers. And, every article I use from these resources gets published with the author’s information and a link to their site.

Why Give The Articles Away?

How much would you pay to include your ad in a newsletter or popular website?  Anywhere from $5 to $80. Wouldn’t you prefer to have your ad placed for free?  It’s easy to see the financial reward. Look at the bottom of this article. Right there, plain as day, you can see a resource box with my website included, so you have proof that this method works.

How do you write an article?

Take another look at the article that you’re reading right now. It’s short.  It’s simple. I’m not a Literary Genius. I’m just being me.

Start by picking something you know about, or a problem that you can solve, and start writing. Just do it!

What should you include in the Author Bio?

Your Name
Something interesting about you or your website
Your website link – Don’t forget this one!
Special offer – Mention a freebie or special offer if you have one
Don’t use this area to *sell*. Just get them to your site

May you have lots and lots of free advertising!

Author Resource – Nicole Dean is published all over the web, under numerous pen names. She welcomes you to visit Easy Article Marketing to get started using article marketing to boost your business today.

Unless you've been living under a rock, it has been hard to miss the consistent excellent performance of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. This team has been destroying the competition and up until a few weeks ago, was well on their way to achieving a perfect season. It has been a fun to watch this team as they overcome challenges and correct mistakes to be the top NFL football team. Aside from football, the way they play, and Aaron Rodgers in particular, shows a great example for setting in place strategies for achieving success.

When Aaron Rodgers first joined the Green Bay Packers organization, he sat on the sidelines watching Brett Favre dominate the game. His chances to play were few, but he made the most of those opportunities. That is a great example to use for everything in life. Make the most of your opportunities. 

Aaron could have easily felt sorry for himself, or sat back complaining that he never got good or enough opportunities. He could have given up and left the team in search of a more immediate opportunity. But, he stayed the course. He bided his time, kept his ears and eyes open and put the time to good use by practicing hard and strived to become the best.

 As it pertains to working on the internet, the same rules Aaron Rodgers uses can apply. While you are on the sidelines, keep your ears and eyes open. Learn from the best and put into action what you have learned. Keep your ultimate goal in mind. Do not jump from one opportunity to the next because things are not happening fast enough for you. Do not waste time complaining or finding excuses for why you are not successful. Prepare yourself for success by putting into action every strategy you have learned and every tool you can use to move closer to achieving success. Be ready for success when it comes, because it will.

 When Brett Favre retired (the first time), Aaron had some big shoes to fill. All eyes were on this young man as he stepped off the sidelines and got into the game for good. If you look back at that period of time, Rodgers never faltered. He never said a bad word about his predecessor, somehow avoided the pitfalls and just kept his eye on the game. He didn't get into the politics, gossip or let anything else distract his focus. He handled himself with class, maturity and did amazingly well under all that pressure. He didn't let himself become distracted by all the things going on around him, rather he kept his focus on his goals, his priorities and where he wanted to go.

 If you want to achieve success in internet marketing or anything else for that matter, put these strategies into play. Stay focused on your goal no matter what is going on around you. Do not listen to people who say you cannot become successful, believe in yourself and set specific priorities and goals.  

If you have ever listened to an interview with Aaron Rodgers, he says straight out that he is confident in his abilities because he shows up prepared.  He doesn't show up for a big game by missing practices, sleeping in or coming up with excuses as to why he failed at something. He puts in the work and is prepared to play. 

Again, a great example to follow from everything to starting your own business to achieving success in any area. It's a simple plan but not always an easy one to follow. As you can see from his results, it is worth the time and effort prepare for success.

Rodgers can bring confidence to his game and has demonstrated top leadership abilities because of his commitment, dedication and ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities. 

What would happen if we all had just a little of this Aaron Rodgers thing? How much better could we do in our relationships, careers and businesses? The best part of it all is that he is having fun doing it. You can see it on the field and in his demeanor.

If you want big changes and success in your life, take a few tips from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. I know they won't mind if you use their strategies for achieving success. 

Learn to recognize potential opportunities and while waiting on the sidelines, do everything you can to prepare and be ready for the opportunities when they present themselves. Put in the time, commitment and work to become better or even the best at what you do. Never settle or believe that there is no room for improvement. Shake off bad days and mistakes and don't let them consume you. Learn from your errors and correct them. Have fun. Achieve success.    

About the Author
If you are ready to take the internet by storm and achieve great levels of
success, learn of great tools and tips to get you there at INTERNET MARKETING TOOLS FOR SUCCESS.
If you want to get traffic, you need to find the top search keywords on Google.  Whether you are a Google fan or not, if you rank well on Google (or Yahoo or Bing), you can bring traffic and potential customers to your website or blog.  

There are no two ways around it...finding strong keywords, the ones with a lot of searches with the least competition, is an important element in a good internet marketing strategy.

If you are new to internet marketing, it might take you a lot longer to find those words.  As with any skill, practice makes perfect.  One you discover some "hot" words, such as “buy,” “cheap,” “free,” “deal,” etc., you can save some time on your keywords research.  

However, if you are writing articles for submission to one or more directories, you may want to focus on a more informative piece versus writing something to try to attract customers with a free or best deal on a product.  Especially if you are blogging, affiliate marketing or want to attract subscribers to read up and get information from you on a particular niche, here is where good keyword research truly makes a difference.

Sure, you can use a free tool, like the one offered from Google.  When first starting your internet marketing business, the more tools you don't have to pay for is the way to go.  But, if you want faster results or know how many competing websites you must contend with, then you may consider paying for a tool that gives you more options.

Since I've made the move from using a free search tool to one I'm paying for, the results have been noticeably better.  When I write articles or marketing pieces for either myself or a client, the results speak for themselves.  I can usually rank in the top five pages of Google within hours, and move up to page one within a day or two.  This has been my experience over and over again.  

The bottom line is that like it or not, search engine optimization plays a key role in people finding you and your information.  What a shame to waste helpful information or great products simply because people can't find you or your website or blog.  Deciding to invest in some good website research tools is something you will have to determine at some point in your business.  By finding the top search keywords on Google, you can get better rankings, and that can only help get more traffic to your website or blog.

Finding relevant keywords and popular search terms can help you write better material, and if the tool gives suggestions or brainstorming ideas, it can open up many more doors to the direction of your business, or topics of your articles or blog content.

Ask yourself if you are getting the kind of results you want from your keyword research.  If you can use a little help finding top search keywords on Google, consider investing in a tool that can help boost your rankings, improve article subjects and captivate audiences with catchy titles so they can find you. 

So here we are winding down yet another year.  For so many people, you have to ask yourself if 2011 was a good year, or is there room to improve in 2012?  

For so many of us, the end of a year marks a time for reflection and goal-setting. One of the biggest issues facing a lot of people today is that of out-of-control finances.  Perhaps due to a lay off or a drastic pay cut, whatever the reason, let this be the year you turn your financial situation around.  

Of course, financial problems are the source of many sleepless nights, stress, depression,
and marital problems.  But in this new year, take the time to at least try focusing on things you CAN do rather than all the things that appear to be in the way of your success.

The key is to plan and take action.  If you do nothing, you are guaranteed to get no results and no improvement in your situation. However, if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how hard that may be, you are setting the wheels in motion and eventually, something is bound to change, and to improve. 

Improve Financial Outlook
Sitting down and coming up with a debt solution plan is step one to improve your financial
outlook.  Be brutally honest in terms of who you owe and how much.  Go on-line for help in terms of budgeting and paying down bills, no matter how large they are.  Do not focus on how long it will take to get there, just take the necessary action everyday to get there.
Best Way to Get Out of Debt
The best way to get out of debt, obviously, is to spend less than you make. It is a simple concept, but not always easy, right?  
To make things move faster, you may want to bring in some extra money with which you can pay more on those credit card balances or loans to make those debts disappear.  You can always trim back somewhere to find even an extra 20 bucks to start to make extra payments on outstanding financial obligations.  Even a small amount of extra money applied to pay a debt off is better than doing nothing.  

If you need to, think about getting a second source of income that can give you extra money to pay down the debt, in addition to being able to keep your head above water
and have enough to pay all your bills every month to avoid breaking out the credit cards.

Internet Marketing
One of the options you may consider for extra income is working at home on the internet, or internet marketing.  Internet marketing can be a very rewarding second source of income, but it is not something you can start seeing a lot of money from immediately.  
Depending on which form of internet marketing (IM) you choose, whether it be article
marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging or freelancing, some forms of IM take longer to reap the rewards than others.  The key is to hang in there and be prepared to put the work in. If you take consistent action every day, you will see results eventually, just like you will in your financial situation.

Who Helped Me?
If you have been thinking about giving IM a try, or you've been dabbling for a time and are overwhelmed by all the massive amounts of information out there, let me give you
some help.

I'm going to give you just some of the names of people who have helped me tremendously. The advice and resources I've discovered have given me some solid direction, and it is my hope that it does the same for you.  I want to point out that I am
not an affiliate for any of these folks (with the exception of Kyle & Carson’s Jaaxy), and am providing their names only because they gave me a good start and foundation from which to begin my IM journey.

For a great article marketing plan for newbies, help with writing articles and article marketing tools, check out –

Travis Sago (
Pot Pie Girl (
Jeff Herring (
Jonathan Leger (

For great affiliate marketing tips, see –

Allan Gardyne (

For general help, great content tips and training, refer to –

Michael S. Brown (
Ian Hollander (
Kyle & Carson (

It is my hope that if you need help with financial matters, you seriously sit down and
make a plan.  The old saying really is true that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  You need some kind of a blueprint to follow and keep you accountable, motivated and focused on your goals.

In the meantime, consider setting up an internet marketing action plan to bring in some
extra cash.  There are ways to turn your financial situation around, and there is no better time than 2012 to make it happen.