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With the mind-boggling vastness of the internet, and little you who just wants to make some extra money on-line, what is the secret to finding your target audience on-line?  

After all, if you have any kind of a product to sell, whether on eBay, promoting Amazon stuff, promoting products as an affiliate or maybe just wanting to sell your own products on-line, you need to narrow your focus.  

It has been said that if you can create a sales funnel or build a list, you can make steady sales pretty easily.  But how do you go about getting anyone to find your blog, website or products?  

With the amount of information usually available for any given niche, some obviously more popular than others, how is the little guy able to compete?

Let's say you want to try your hand at article or affiliate marketing.  Both of these types of marketing require you to target a specific audience, or niche, interested in what you are promoting.  

So instead of sending out general information to anyone and everyone, you want to spend a bit more time and work up-front by narrowing down your focus on a specific group of people, or target audience. 

What you are looking for are those people who need your products or services for a specific issue they may be experiencing and need a solution.  

If you try to sell steaks to a vegetarian group, you probably wouldn't do very well in terms of sales.  That’s why you want to target your marketing efforts only to those who
have an interest in what you are promoting.

If you approach a campaign in this way, then the odds of you converting your marketing efforts into cash are much, much better.  

The key is to think like your buyer.  

Who would benefit from what you have to offer?
Why would they benefit?
How would this product or service help solve their problem (i.e.; potty training a new puppy) or make them feel (like buying a new weight loss product to lose 20 pounds).  

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.  

Who are they?
Male or female?
How old?
What kind of things are they into?
Where would your target audience hang out on-line?
What kind of social sites do they like?
What kind of forums are they interested in?
What are the hot buttons that would make your product/service not only appealing, but a must-have?  

Think about what questions your customers are asking themselves and what goals they are trying to achieve.  What are they typing into that search bar?

From there, once you have a good feel for the type of people who would be interested in your stuff, you can put together a strong keyword list.

Keywords are such a vital part of your marketing campaign because they tell you what your customers are searching for.

When you know what search terms your potential buyers are searching for, it can not only help you put together a more tightly-designed marketing campaign and sales funnel, but it will help point you in the direction of where you can find these buyers.

If you've heard the term “buy keywords,” it is referring to those keywords that the buyers are searching for.  

Strong, relevant keywords can help you in everything from running a successful AdWords campaign to article and/or affiliate marketing sales.  Once you know what the buyers are searching for, you can get them the information they need.  

If you are using a state-of-the-art keyword research tool such as Jaaxy, you can pull together an extremely comprehensive keyword list, spy on the competition, and rank well.

Once you put together a list of low competition, high-ranking keywords, you can get those articles written, post to your blog and pump out a campaign that will get you noticed and ranking well in the search engines very quickly.  All this can happen just from using tightly-targeted keywords.

Jaaxy can give you the tight, target audience-specific keywords all of your campaigns need to get off the ground.  

The bottom line is that the more targeted the keywords, the faster you reach your target audience.  The faster that happens, the sooner you will get sales.

Get a jump on your competition and finding your target audience on-line with Jaaxy.

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