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When you are writing content for your website, blog or articles, sprinkling keywords effectively throughout your piece not only makes for a better read, but helps you in search engine rankings.  The proper balance of keyword usage and good, original content is the goal for anything you post on-line.

The thing you want to provide to the readers of your content is useful information.  You can help solve a problem, provide advice or tips, or share a story about overcoming an issue.

Any way you go about it, the idea is to sprinkle your content with strong keywords so that your readers can find you.  Keywords can help put you on page one of search results returned, but too much of a good thing will have quite the opposite effect.

Your content should flow smoothly.  Your keywords and keyword phrases should blend right into the content and make sense, not stick out like a sore thumb screaming, "I am the keyword!!"  I know it's tempting to want to get that keyword phrase into the content in any way you can, especially if it's a ridiculously good keyword with low competition.

The term “sprinkling” indicates that you should be using the keywords sparingly.  Some good rules to keep in mind include -
  • Using the keyword(s) no more than one time for every 100 words
  • Using the keyword in the title, first paragraph, last paragraph and then "sprinkling” throughout the content
  • Try not to use the keyword in an awkward manner, especially if used in a question.  Here's an example -

How do you find a good keyword?  Finding a good keyword is easy with a good keyword research tool.  A good keyword will help you in search engine rankings, and a good keyword will help readers find your article.

Can you see how badly and blatantly the keyword is being used here?  This is complete
  • Do not use your keyword for each and every heading or sub-heading, and do not put the keyword(s) in bold-face type

By using more than one keyword or keyword phrase in a post, you can be sprinkling keywords effectively throughout your content, and ranking well for several keywords.

By going easy, or sprinkling, your keyword(s) gently but effectively throughout your content, you will be able to comply with search engine regulations, provide your readers with higher quality content, and get stronger organic traffic results. 

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