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Unless you've been living under a rock, it has been hard to miss the consistent excellent performance of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. This team has been destroying the competition and up until a few weeks ago, was well on their way to achieving a perfect season. It has been a fun to watch this team as they overcome challenges and correct mistakes to be the top NFL football team. Aside from football, the way they play, and Aaron Rodgers in particular, shows a great example for setting in place strategies for achieving success.

When Aaron Rodgers first joined the Green Bay Packers organization, he sat on the sidelines watching Brett Favre dominate the game. His chances to play were few, but he made the most of those opportunities. That is a great example to use for everything in life. Make the most of your opportunities. 

Aaron could have easily felt sorry for himself, or sat back complaining that he never got good or enough opportunities. He could have given up and left the team in search of a more immediate opportunity. But, he stayed the course. He bided his time, kept his ears and eyes open and put the time to good use by practicing hard and strived to become the best.

 As it pertains to working on the internet, the same rules Aaron Rodgers uses can apply. While you are on the sidelines, keep your ears and eyes open. Learn from the best and put into action what you have learned. Keep your ultimate goal in mind. Do not jump from one opportunity to the next because things are not happening fast enough for you. Do not waste time complaining or finding excuses for why you are not successful. Prepare yourself for success by putting into action every strategy you have learned and every tool you can use to move closer to achieving success. Be ready for success when it comes, because it will.

 When Brett Favre retired (the first time), Aaron had some big shoes to fill. All eyes were on this young man as he stepped off the sidelines and got into the game for good. If you look back at that period of time, Rodgers never faltered. He never said a bad word about his predecessor, somehow avoided the pitfalls and just kept his eye on the game. He didn't get into the politics, gossip or let anything else distract his focus. He handled himself with class, maturity and did amazingly well under all that pressure. He didn't let himself become distracted by all the things going on around him, rather he kept his focus on his goals, his priorities and where he wanted to go.

 If you want to achieve success in internet marketing or anything else for that matter, put these strategies into play. Stay focused on your goal no matter what is going on around you. Do not listen to people who say you cannot become successful, believe in yourself and set specific priorities and goals.  

If you have ever listened to an interview with Aaron Rodgers, he says straight out that he is confident in his abilities because he shows up prepared.  He doesn't show up for a big game by missing practices, sleeping in or coming up with excuses as to why he failed at something. He puts in the work and is prepared to play. 

Again, a great example to follow from everything to starting your own business to achieving success in any area. It's a simple plan but not always an easy one to follow. As you can see from his results, it is worth the time and effort prepare for success.

Rodgers can bring confidence to his game and has demonstrated top leadership abilities because of his commitment, dedication and ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities. 

What would happen if we all had just a little of this Aaron Rodgers thing? How much better could we do in our relationships, careers and businesses? The best part of it all is that he is having fun doing it. You can see it on the field and in his demeanor.

If you want big changes and success in your life, take a few tips from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. I know they won't mind if you use their strategies for achieving success. 

Learn to recognize potential opportunities and while waiting on the sidelines, do everything you can to prepare and be ready for the opportunities when they present themselves. Put in the time, commitment and work to become better or even the best at what you do. Never settle or believe that there is no room for improvement. Shake off bad days and mistakes and don't let them consume you. Learn from your errors and correct them. Have fun. Achieve success.    

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