Keyword Research and Tools
If you have been attempting to make a go of internet marketing, you probably realized early on how important it is to find profitable keywords.  By profitable keywords, I mean the ones that laser focus in on your customers so you can help them find a product or service that can solve a problem.  The problem can be anything from increasing their business to getting rid of acne to training a disobedient pet, and everything in between.  

The purpose of keywords is to give you the ability to zone in on what it is your customer is looking for.  A good keyword tool is really important to help you narrow down and
tighten up your searches to help your customers find you and vice versa.

Long tail keywords are good to use because you can really zone in on your target audience and get very specific in terms of what they are looking for.  Whether you use this for promoting businesses locally or honing in a very specific product, finding a strong keyword is half the battle.  

Being able to see what people are searching for can help you set up a targeted web site and provides invaluable insight into the kinds of information people are looking for from articles, reviews and product recommendations.

Yes, there are some good free keyword tools available for you to use and if you are looking to save some money as you are just starting out, these may be fine.  But if you want more detailed information with reliable results and the ability to see how much
competition you have, brainstorm relevant topics, etc., consider paying for the benefits you will get from a good keyword tool.  

Since my time is limited, I've got to make to most of it, as I'm sure you do, too.  I appreciate the ease and convenience of generating my own ‘to do’ list which helps keep me on track.  In addition, it is important to save hot keywords to write about in a future campaign, and to have the ability to look back at some saved searches for reference.  

There are some real advantages when you find a superb keyword research tool which can save a lot of time, and offers other strong keyword suggestions to make a single search more productive.  I like the fact that if I stumble across what may be a hot niche or topic, I can check out available affiliate products on the spot.  That right there saves me a ton of surfing and research time, plus gives me more article or blog post ideas.

If you pay for a keyword tool, make sure it shows you results not just from Google, but the competition on Bing and Yahoo!, as well.  By having this information, you may be
able to rank well on all three of these search engines instead of just one, giving you a real edge over your competition. You can see that if there are blogs and web sites out there but no top-ranking articles, you could rank well for the article.

Think about how much time you spend doing keyword research.  Ask yourself if you are consistently happy with the results you are getting, or if you could use something a little stronger to save time, rank well and find profitable keywords for all of your internet marketing projects and campaigns.

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